Legal Officer


PT Pesta Pora Abadi


Legal Officer


Kota Malang


  1. Bachelor’s degree in law from a reputable university.
  2. Proficient in land and permit (Perizinan) such as (OSS, LKPM, KRK, SitePlan, IMB/PBG, Andallalin,K3 etc)
  3. Manage another permits (Halal certificate, BPom, TradeMark etc)
  4. Have the ability in terms of contract drafting, legal drafting, legal review, and legal opinion.
  5. Maintain a good relationship with government & Social Issues
  6. At least 1 years experience as Legal Staff
  7. Fresh Graduates or having max 1-year of experience are welcome
  8. Lawyer License is a must
  9. Know the regulations that apply to the Company’s business sector.
  10. Representing company in court, negotiating with opposing counsel, and develop legal arguments
  11. Representing company in court or other settings, such as depositions or hearings
  12. Able to work in a team or independently.Strong integrity person, loyal and responsible.
  13. Quick adaptability and willingness to keep learning.
  14. Willing to work under pressure situation.
  15. Resourceful, sharp analytical thinking, able to think critically and identify risks.
  16. Willing to be placed in Malang

Lamar Pekerjaan

Bila Anda tertarik dan memenuhi kualifikasi untuk melamar posisi Legal Officer tersebut, silahkan kirim lamaran Anda melalui link berikut: APPLY.


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